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immortals handbook

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Immortals Handbook
Epic Bestiary: Vol. I
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Immortals Handbook
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Amilictli (All-Relentless Thunders)

Titanic Outsider (Abomination, Air, Chaotic, Elemental, Evil, Extraplanar)
Hit Dice: 85d8+1445 (2125 hp)
Initiative: +8
Speed: 240 ft. (48 squares)
Armor Class: 37 (-16 size, +16 deflection, +27 natural), touch 10, flat-footed 37.
Base Attack/Grapple: +85/+146
Attack: Slam +109 melee (8d6+37 +4d6 electricity/19-20) or stomp +109 melee (10d10+55 +4d6 electricity/19-20)
Full Attack: 2 slams +109 melee (8d6+37 +4d6 electricity/19-20), stomp +109 melee (10d10+55 +4d6 electricity/19-20)
Space/Reach: 140 ft./200 ft.
Special Attacks: Air mastery, electricity, rend, summon paragon thunder worm, spell-like abilities, tornado, vengeful gaze, whirlwind.
Special Qualities: Abomination traits, damage reduction 40/epic and holy, electricity immunity, elemental traits, peripety, regeneration 40, spell resistance 95, unending rage.
Saves: Fort +63, Ref +46, Will +55
Abilities: Str 84, Dex 10, Con 44, Int 21, Wis 21, Cha 42
Skills: Climb +125, Concentration +105, Hide +68, Intimidate +104, Knowledge (arcana) +93, Knowledge (the planes) +93, Knowledge (religion) +93, Listen +93, Search +93, Sense Motive +93, Spellcraft +93, Spot +93, Use Magic Device +104.
Feats: Alertness, Cleave, Dodge, Great Cleave, Great Fortitude, Improved Critical x2 (Slam and Stomp), Improved Initiative, Improved Natural Attack x2 (Slam and Stomp), Improved Overun, Iron Will, Lightning Reflexes, Power Attack, Quicken Spell-like Ability (greater dispelling), Weapon Focus x2 (Slam and Stomp)
Epic Feats: Blinding Speed x2, Devastating Critical x2 (Slam and Stomp), Dire Charge, Epic Epic Prowess x2, Epic Will, Overwhelming Critical x2 (Slam and Stomp), Superior Initiative.
Environment: Any open to the sky
Organization: Solitary or with 1d4 Paragon Thunder Worms and 1d3 Air Elemental Swarms.
Challenge Rating: 85
Treasure: None
Alignment: Always Chaotic Evil
Advancement: 86-126 HD (Titanic), 127-169 HD (Macro-Fine)
Level Adjustment: +28

Vaguely humanoid in shape, this towering figure can be seen from miles distant seemingly bridging the gap between the earth and the very heavens themselves. Its dark cloud-like form could at first be mistaken for a tornado, however, upon closer inspection instead of a single funnel, the semblance of arms and legs are unmistakable. Two glowering red eyes can clearly be seen piercing the whirling vortex aIthough any other significant features, other than perhaps what could be a mouth, are lost in the maelstrom. Its mannerisms are not unlike a caged animal seeking its freedom. But for the booming thunderclaps the howling cacophony of the wind renders all other sounds obsolete. The monsters outline is illuminated by flashes of lightning that play about its surface and there is a palpable taste of ozone in the air. As it closes you can see a cloud of debris being whipped up around the titans feet.

The amilictli, or all-relentless thunders are the manifestations of a storm gods unbridled anger. They are created when the rage of the god outstrips the power of the deity itself to control. Many amilictli appear at the zenith of great battles between deities when the berserk immortal reaches critical mass and seems ready to explode with anger, but instead its rage betrays them and evaporates like steam, coalescing into the great swirling storm that takes on a rampaging life of its own.

Amilictli are manifestations of pure wrath, and they vent their unbridled rage on any and all they encounter. However, thankfully amilictli are blessed with very short attention spans. They have a tendency to lose interest in their wanton acts of destruction unless suitably threatened.

The storm god parent loses its power over the weather while the amilictli lives. As such, many take it upon themselves to slay the monstrous offspring.

Amilictli are some 200 feet tall, though virtually weightless, being composed primarily of air and angry thoughts.


Amilictli stride blissfully into combat, even divine opposition fails to give them pause. The longer combat ensues the stronger and tougher they become. Amilictli can sometimes be found in the company of air elementals. Often, evil creatures of the air trail the amilictli like vultures, following in its wake of destruction hoping to prey upon the fortunate survivors.

An amilictlis natural weapons, as well as any weapons it wields are treated as chaotic, evil-aligned and epic for the purpose of overcoming damage reduction.

Abomination Traits: Abominations are immune to enchantment, illusionist and transmutation magic. They are not subject to energy drain, ability damage or drain. Abominations are not subject to death from massive damage. Abominations can communicate telepathically with any creature within 1000 feet that has a language.

Air Mastery (Ex): Airborne creatures take a -1 penalty on attack and damage rolls against an amilictli.

Debris Field (Ex): Wherever the amilictli touches the ground a great cloud of dust and debris is whipped up. Those within a 30 ft. radius of the amilictli’s feet are affected as if blinded and drowning. See pages 302-304 of core rulebook 2. They also suffer an additional 3d6 damage per round from being struck by the whirling debris.

Electricity (Su): Anyone striking the amilictli with a melee weapon or natural weapon, or being struck by one of the amilictlis natural weapons suffers 4d6 electricity damage.

Elemental Traits: Immune to poison, sleep, paralysis and stunning. Not subject to critical hits.

Lightning (Su): Each round the amilictli can direct up to 85d6 worth of lightning at any targets within a 240 feet radius as a free action. It can divide the total amount of dice however it desires.

Peripety (Su): Missiles cast at the amilictli are caught in its turbulent embrace and return to strike their casters.

Regeneration (Su): Amilictli take normal damage from epic, holy weapons.

Rend (Ex): Anyone struck by both the amilictlis slams in the same round is torn apart for an additional 10d10+55 points of damage.

Spell-like Abilities (Su): At will - air walk, blasphemy (DC 33), control winds, gaseous form, greater dispelling, obscuring mist, unholy aura, wind wall; 3/day - elemental swarm (air), implosion (DC 35), storm of vengeance (DC 35), wail of the banshee (DC 35); 1/day - eclipse, epic repulsion, kinetic control, living lightning DC 36), nailed to the sky (DC 36), superb dispelling (DC 36). Caster Level 85th; Save DC 26 + spell level.

Summon Paragon Thunder Worm (Sp): The amilictli can summon a paragon thunder worm up to four times per day. This is the equivalent to a 17th-level spell. Epic spell DC 106.

Tornado (Ex): Anyone within 200 feet of the amilictli is affected by tornado strength winds. See page 95 of Core Rulebook 2 for details.

Unending Rage (Ex): Each round it suffers any damage the amilictli gains 2 points of both strength and constitution. It loses this bonus strength and constitution at the same rate for every round it is not injured.

Vengeful Gaze (Su): As a standard action the amilictli can deliver a blast of divine energy from its eyes. This attack has a range of sight and deals 85d6 damage to a single target. The amilictli suffers damage equal to half the effect.

Whirlwind (Ex): Anyone striking the amilictli with a melee weapon or natural weapon, or being struck by one of the amilictlis natural weapons must make a Fortitude save (DC 69) or be picked up and whirled around by the wind suffering an automatic 6d6 damage and 4d6 electicity damage for 1d10 rounds, at which point they are violently expelled from the amilictli and may suffer an additional 20d6 falling damage.

Tactics Round-by-Round

Prior to combat: The amilictli will ignore opposition it does not recognise from previous encounters until injured. Although its lightning and living lightning attacks will randomly assault individuals it encounters. It always has living lightning and unholy aura in operation, and there is a 50% chance it has an elemental swarm entourage at any given time.
If expecting trouble it will cast elemental swarm, as well as kinetic control and summon paragon thunder worm.

Round 1: Quickened greater dispelling on the opponent that first hurt it. Divide lightning and living lightning amongst defiant opponents. (those not running away). Dire charge into melee for a full attack, with one additional attack due to blinding speed.

Round 2: Quickened greater dispelling on an opponent (prefereably one thats flying). Full attack against nearest enemy, again with an additional attack. Divide lightning and living lightning amongst any opposition shown to be affected by electricity in the first round (include target hit with greater dispelling this round).

Round 3: Quickened greater dispelling on an opponent (prefereably one thats flying). Cast superb dispelling if threatened by a spellcaster or kinetic control if the greater threat is in melee (if not already cast, in which case cast nailed to the sky on an annoying melee opponent). Concentrate all lightning and living lightning attacks on one opponent still posing a threat that has shown to be affected by lightning (or the target you dispelled).

Round 4: Use vengeful gaze on most troublesome opponent, unless hit points are very low (less than 10%). Concentrate all lightning and living lightning attacks on one opponent still posing a threat that has shown to be affected by lightning.

Round 5: Cast summon paragon thunder worm if still facing more than one opponent, otherwise, full attack plus one additional attack on remaining target. Concentrate all lightning and living lightning attacks on one opponent still posing a threat that has shown to be affected by lightning.

Round 6 and 7: Repeat rounds 4 and 5.

Adventure Ideas

Low Epic: A capital city must weather the coming of an amilictli and the aftermath; during which paragon will-o-the-wisps are drawn to the devastation.

Mid-epic: It is rumored that an amilictli whose rage outstrips its own strength will give birth to another amilictli. A deity of knowledge wishes to test this theory irrespective of the danger.

High Epic: Conspiring air elemental princes of evil seek to sacrifice a storm deity as a component in some god-forsaken ritual with the aim of turning their armies of air elementals into amilictli.

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